Welcome to the Chicken Scratch page !

Chicken Scratch Mug

I'm sure you are wondering what the heck a Chicken Scratch page would consist of ?
Well...basically...this will be a page that will allow you a small glimpse in to my personal life. Many times, once a client has gotten to know me, they are surprised to find out certain things about me.
Example: I wear nice suits and ties and deal with Corporate America Monday through Friday, and...most people would think I'm a "City Slicker" because of the way I dress.
Give me a pair of ripped jeans...a comfortable flannel shirt and get me as FAR AWAY from the city as possible when I'm not working.
I'm an AVID outdoorsman and I LOVE Trout fishing and anything outdoors.
I am in the process of putting NEW info on this page which will be different from what has been on this page for the last 10 years.
I'll have lot's of interesting opinions and photos and videos...and it will be entertaining !

I hope to have this page completed shortly !

Stay Tuned !